Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Pictures

I was bummed that it was raining on the day that we took our Christmas card pictures so they had to be inside. I am not a fan of indoor photos; the lighting is always terrible. We set up a little background in my parents' arizona room (best lighting...we thought) and snapped away.
Hurray! We are looking in the same direction!

Unfortunately, the cloud cover and time of day changed between photos so all three of them have totally different lighting - in case you were wondering.

I absolutely love Joy's
What a trooper. She was in that box for quite a while. Her biggest problem was that she wanted to stand the whole time. Trying to force a baby to bend at the waist is comical and rarely successful.

Claire's camera smile is improving but my mom and I had to stand behind Josh and act like weirdos to make her smile genuinely.
A sister picture never did happen, for obvious reasons.

And some that did not make the cut.
Merry Christmas!

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  1. Hilarious and darling! (And your hairbows are so cute!) It took 93 shots to get 1 decent picture of us with our 5 grandkids. And even then we had to superimpose one of their heads into the final picture! We had to keep feeding the 1-year-old pieces of bread so she wouldn't cry with me holding her! Only one of them was smiling - the rest looked bored with Mac and Marmee. Hee hee!