Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Handprint Art

The day after Thanksgiving, we started Christmasing; putting up lights, decorations, baking and crafting. I haven't blogged because all my projects have been half done for the past few weeks but I am finally starting to get them all wrapped up. Plus, I have had zero time.

The first "craft" we did was hand print art - ideas stolen from Pinterest.

Claire made a Christmas tree.

She enjoyed it but needed some help in the self-control area when we were stamping her hand. Sliding you paint covered hand all over a white canvas becomes much more irresistible when your mom tells your not to. (Note - I found both canvases at thrift stores for $1 each!)
For Joy, I did a snowman footprint painting; Claire helped paint her sister's little footy.

I am glad we took the time to do these projects. Now we will have these precious pieces to bring out each Christmas and remember when our babies were still little.

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