Saturday, November 12, 2011

Friday at the Farm

This weekend we made a trek out to Vertuccio Farm for the last day of their Fall Festival. I wanted to go before Halloween but we were all too sick so it had to wait.

It was amazingly uncrowded and the weather was perfect!

They had a great, big, air-bouncer thing that Claire instantly HAD to jump on. Most of our time there was spent bouncing.
Josh and I bounced too. It was pretty fun I must say. Even Joy enjoyed it.
We spent some time looking at the animals
and feeding the goats.
Claire milked the fake cow for about 2 seconds.

and did some other activities the farm had to offer.
Joy and I hung out and watched Claire and Dadda most of the time.
I forget how small she is until I see a photo like this. What a peanut girl!

I was hoping to get a good picture of the two girls together, but after about 40 shots none of them turned out. I have to post this one though just because I love Joy's expression so much.
"Get me out of here!"

Sometimes I feel a little sorry for Joy because it is going to be tiring to be Claire's sister.

That's okay, we love you Claire.

All in all we had a really good time and plan to go next year!

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