Thursday, November 10, 2011


What a bummer Halloween was for us this year! Our decorations never made it out of the garage and our pumpkin was never turned into a jack-o-lantern....But more about that in a moment.

Claire could not decide on what she wanted to be this year. She changed her mind every other day. If she saw butterfly wings in the store, she wanted to be a butterfly, if she saw a ladybug costume, she wanted to be a ladybug, she even said she wanted to be a caterpillar or a cricket for some reason, but those two were out of the question. She definitely had a bug theme going though. One day at Goodwill, we found a big girl's bee costume that was made out of cute fabric so I got it to resize for her and told her she was a bee. She needed some convincing but after my mom found the wings for her at the dollar store of all places, she was sold.
A leotard, leggings and antenna finished the outfit. (also found at thrift stores)
Easy beesy. I was glad that her costume was low maintenance (and cost) this year.
Joy was originally going to be a peanut but after much trial and error, I decided there was no way anyone would be able to tell that she was a peanut. She looked more like a sack of potatoes.
After I abandoned the peanut plan my mom suggested a flower since it would kind of goes with Claire's and it would be easy - at that point I was running out of time. So a flower she was.
Complete with lady bugs crawling up and down her stem.
Joy is very hard to take pictures of. When we try to take pictures outside, it is too bright for her and she squints and looks angry. I think more than the sun was making her angry here though.She was a sweet flower most of the time.
The Friday before Halloween, we went to my grandma's for their trick or treat morning. Claire woke up coughing and sniffling. We could tell she was getting sick.

We decided to go for a short time and stay away from Gigi so she wouldn't get sick. The Renaissance residents sat at tables with their candy and she just went up to them and said "Trick or Treat!" and then "Thank you!" when they put a candy in her bag. I was happy because everyone there was giving out good candy.
After that, Claire went downhill drastically and was sick for days, she was barely well enough to go trick-or-treating in our neighborhood and to go to the harvest carnival at church. We kept her away from other kids though and the carnival was outside so we figured it would be okay for her to go. She would have been devastated if she had to miss it. It wasn't til a week later that she was finally not feeling sick but still has the cough and nose issues. Of course she couldn't be sick without giving it to me and Joy, so we have all been sounding gross and feeling blah that past few weeks. Hopefully next year will be a better one for us!


  1. Adorable costumes! I love Claire's little skirt! I remember I made Mindi a Bumble Bee costume for Halloween when she was 2. We got so many comments on it since 30 years ago there were no Disney Store or Costco costumes, just the cheesy Kmart ones. :) Nowadays I'm amazed at how much money is spent on costumes! It is so refreshing to see the ones you make with so little investment - money wise. I'm sorry it was such a bummer, but glad Claire got to do some trick-or-treating anyway. Joy is getting so big! What a doll!!!!

  2. Any chance you could tell me how you did the's adorable!

  3. How did you make the flower petal? Its so cute!

  4. Where did you get the supplies for the flower costume?

  5. Where did you get the supplies for the flower costume?

  6. I'm wondering about the flower construction too! Is it attached to a bonnet? Would love some help.

  7. Hi, I love the little flower costume so much! I was coming here to ask how to make it too and see that I'm not the only one! I saw a tutorial somewhere else saying they used a ribbon but it didn't look half as cute as yours. Hoping you see this before halloween because I'm obsessed with the cuteness <3

  8. Can you tell me how you made the flower for Joy's costume....I want to make it for my great granddaughter.....