Thursday, September 1, 2011

Living Up to Her Name

Just some pictures of little Joy. She is 3 weeks tomorrow! Someone's getting chubby...
I am sure she is the best baby ever.
She still only wakes up once at night and is just content all the time.
In other news, Claire is sick and coughing all over the place but so far Joy seems to be okay. It is so hard for Claire not to give her hugs and kisses. She asks "I can smile at her though?" Yes, from a distance. I am so glad Claire loves her so much and is handling the new situation very well.

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  1. Not to burst your bubble… :-) but, I once said Corey was "The best baby ever" .. he was SO content all the time . He still is a very content person…. But… he's COREY !!!!! hahahaha…..