Sunday, January 23, 2011

Handmade Christmas Gifts

Finally! Here are pictures of the scrapbook calendars I made for Christmas. They were a labor of love as they took 3 months to complete. (I made 6 total) I couldn't have done it without my Silhouette. Someday, when I am feeling ambitious, I will do a post about the Silhouette but until then I will just say this; IT IS THE BEST INVENTION....EVER. I am in love with it. Every little cutout and embellishment and phrase you see on the following pictures is just plain scrapbook paper I had on hand, cut out by the Silhouette. If you have been thinking about buying a Silhouette...DO IT. Mine has already paid for itself.

Ready? Here we go...

I didn't notice that the flash made a glare on some of the photos til it was too late...

Oh, and when I said every cutout was done by the Silhouette, that included the numbers for each day. I didn't realize what a huge undertaking this was until I started to painstakingly glue the numbers on with a sponge soaked in glue and a pair of tweezers.The first 9 days go fast but the 2-digit days definitely slowed me down.

They all varied slightly depending on the person they were going to. This one is my mom's and dad's. All in all I was very pleased with the way they turned out. I think they were a hit!


  1. Those are amazing, Kathleen! What a gift of love from the heart! Those are the best kinds of gifts!

  2. I am trying not to covet your silhouette!!! The calendar is amazing!