Saturday, March 6, 2010

Dyeing Easter Clothes

My mom found Claire the most adorable Easter dress at Savers for $3.00. It is from Old Navy and it looks so adorable on her. However, it is sleeveless and even though I always think it will be warm on Easter, we always FREEZE all morning at church. I set out to find a sweater to go with the dress, preferably purple. Apparently, now that I decided to let Claire wear purple for the first time, there are none to be found.

(Not to give it away before Easter!)

I had this cute sweater in my sewing scrap pile. It fits her but after one time of washing it, it came out of the dryer with all these brown mystery stains that will NOT come out. I even bleached them and nothing. Also, the stranger thing is, the more I wash it, the darker beige it gets. It was barely cream colored when I got it. (from Target)

So today, I had a revelation and remembered this post from my favorite craft blog. I bought some purple RIT and decided to give it a try. What did I have to loose?

I didn't really follow any directions - after reading several online, it pretty much came down to put some hot water in a bowl, add some dye. Stir until you feel good about it. Wash and dry. I did throw some salt in there for good measure - a few people suggested it but didn't give a reason.
Here it is minutes after putting it in. Yeah, I was worried about those dark spots too but they went away.

After an hour.
I knew it would get lighter when I rinsed it so I let it go a few more minutes and then lost my patience and pulled it out.

I rinsed it a billion times and then washed it with detergent in the sink and threw it in the dryer.

This is how it came out....
I am pleased as punch! It came out evenly dyed, with no blotches of color.
Hurray for dyeing! I plan to do this more often.
(this may be especially good for onesies that have are boring white or have drool stains.)

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