Saturday, September 5, 2015


We have spent this past week recovering from our camping trip.   We spent 3 nights up on the rim with the Jacks family.   
The trip was very similar to last year's.   There aren't too many things you can do with so many small girls.  So we stuck with the basics. 

Hiking to the raspberry sinkhole near the campground, 

Visiting the fish hatchery and picking blackberries and apples.

And just chilling at the campsite.

The girls all love to ride bikes and scooters.  Most of their time was spent this way. 

But there was plenty of time for hide and seek, bubble blowing in the woods,

playing in the dirt and picking flowers.

The girls all love camping.  Paige did extremely well. 
There was a lot of falling and tripping and getting scraped (and dandelion eating) but nothing too damaging. 

We were extremely lucky that it only rained on our last evening at camp.

The thunder was scary!

 We did have to hunker down in our tent right after dinner all the way until morning.

Jenni gave the girls lollipops on the last day while we were packing up the cars.  It kept them busy for a looooooooong time.   Here is a video of some extreme sucker sharing.

We had such a fun time.   Every time we go camping, I wish that we did it more often.  (But it is SO MUCH WORK!)


  1. We have the worst camping stories, but they make for the best and funniest memories!

    1. P.S. It's so much work, I never want to camp again as long as I live unless it's in an RV!

  2. And the sucker sharing is classic - those 6 little girls are adorable!