Sunday, September 21, 2014


Paige woke up earlier than normal. This not only made my job of getting everyone ready for church by myself a bit harder, but she was soaking wet (jammies and all) and reeked of urine which meant she had to have a bath first thing - and a load of laundry later.

Then, just as I was putting on my necklace (the last step before walking out the door),  I turn around and see that Joy had found some scissors and decided to cut her hair.

I was SO mad.  Claire tried to be the mediator by saying "It's'll grow back, you know like Samson."  This did make me laugh, the way she said it.   I also realized right away that Joy could have cut it so much worse than she did. So we'll be thankful that she cut it long enough to pull back.  It used to drape under her chin so nicely though!

Then we finally get in the car and we are halfway out the neighborhood when Claire frantically informs me that she forgot to put panties on under her dress.

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