Friday, October 25, 2013

Meet the Creature

We had a the pleasure of going to another Meet the Creature.   Last time we went I didn't bring my camera and couldn't get a picture of the armadillo.  I was so glad to see that he was back again. 

I don't know why but he is the most amazing thing to me.
With  exception of Spud the armadillo and the guinea pigs, all of the other animlas were new to us.
Joy adored the ducks. 

There was another armadillo but it was annoying and screamed (loudly) when it got mad.  I can't believe how quick armadillos are!  Both of the are constantly moving. I don't know if they are capable of just standing still.

This is a mara.  It is in the guinea pig family but it kind of acted like a dog. 

There is a guinea pig in there.

The creepy, drooly, opossum was only to look at.  It was evil.....

   and so was this pigeon.  (as are all birds)

Look how huge this rabbit is! It is about as big as Joy if she would get on her hands and knees.
Oh, yes, the gecko was the same as well but Claire got to spend more time holding it since there were far fewer kids in the class this time.

What a great time we had!  I need to sign them up again so Josh can have a turn taking them - It's no fair that he hasn't had a chance to go yet!

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