Sunday, June 24, 2012

Driveway Race

I hate when I go for weeks without blogging.  As always it's because we've been busy.  Claire's birthday celebrations, swim class, and VBS all kept me going from one thing to the next. Josh left for kids camp last Sunday so we (the girls and I).  Went to my parents' house for the week. We've had a great time!  It is so nice to have outside space to play.
A few days ago, Joy had her first ride in the Little Tikes coupe.
It was a tight squeeze for both of them in there so Claire got on her scooter,

 and we pulled the car with a rope.

 You can see the excitment and glee on her little face.

 This video is very long  but I don't have the time or patience to
edit it so watch it for as long as you can stand.

 That went on for quite awhile and Joy eventually got tired and wanted out.

She started pushing the car all over the driveway and street. 

 We all jumped in the pool afterward; both girls were beet red! 
It was a fun and precious evening!

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