Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Change of Plans

 The Ladies Tea at church was this past weekend, (photos coming soon!) so I now have some spare time.   We were supposed to meet Grandma at her gym pool today but Claire came down with a stomach bug that has made it necessary for her to stay close to a toilet all day so it has been fun just being home with nothing I have to do.

We took the chance to try out our new magnet fish in the water.  These are from Lakeshore Learning. I wanted to get them back around Christmas but they were $20 so I didn't succumb to the temptation even though I knew that my Puggles group might like them.
  Well, about 2 months ago I was at Savers and found a brand new, unopened box with every fish still individually wrapped in plastic and wrapping paper on the box that said "Merry Christmas! Love, Gma and Gpa O!"  Well, sorry Gma and Gpa O, someone didn't like your gift, but I sure did!  Especially with the $6 price tag that Savers had slapped on it.   The Puggles spent MANY hours entertained by this toy and now that Puggles is over, I brought it home for Claire and Joy to play with.


Yep, we spent the early afternoon soaking up the sun, catching fish and capturing some precious moments.


Right after I took this picture Claire said "I love her very very much... I think she loves me too" 

Sometimes it is good when your plans are interrupted.

A few minutes later, pool time went down hill fast as it was almost nap time so we came inside for a snack.

Poor Joy, she just couldn't stay awake any longer. (and now you know why she always wears a hair bow or a hat.)

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