Friday, July 5, 2013

Potty Training!

I held off on potty training Joy before Paige was born because, well, for one thing she was too short to get on our little training potty!  Also, until about 6 weeks ago, she lacked much of a vocabulary and we weren't sure she would get it and be able to tell us when she needed to go.  All of a sudden, her vocabulary and personality just took off.  (Ever since her barfing sickness, it's like it reset her or something)  I know everyone will think "Oh!  That's because she's not on gluten or dairy!"  But no, we took her off that diet after 2 weeks  (the longest weeks of my life,) because there was no change in the diarrhea situation and when she started eating regular food again she stayed just as happy.   I also didn't want to potty train her right before the baby was born because I thought she was going to have major jealousy issues and regress.

Thankfully, she has taken on her big sister role like a champ and has had no problems with Paige -
except for that she wants to hold her all the time and is not quite as careful as she should be.

Since I don't want to take Paige out in the heat unless we HAVE to, we are kind of stuck at home so I decided this would be a good time to potty train Joy.  Plus, Paige is extremely low maintenance right now and I am off work til the 11th so I have the time.

To solve the potty being too high issue, I bought this wonderful little toilet.
 The Pottete Plus.  I actually found it at American Discount Foods for 6 bucks but I later discovered that many stores have them.  The toilet will be a godsend when we go to the park or church or
anywhere for that matter.  It folds up so nicely

and comes with the disposable bags. (grocery bags with a liner on the bottom.)
  At home we use the blue silicone liner and dump it each time.  It is a little too small but the other one is not really an option.

On day 1, getting her to do that first potty on the toilet was difficult, but after she finally did, Claire and I celebrated and passed out a potty candy.  She then thought she needed ALL of the potty candy and cried and was upset when she found out that she just got 1 each time.  She spent a long time trying to push potty out that wasn't there and was very frustrated.  After a few times she finally got the concept in its entirety and accepted it.  She is very motivated by that one little candy.

Yesterday she had about 14 successes and zero accidents.  She was naked all day so that helps.   I knew from experience with Claire that when you add panties to the mix, things get a little more difficult.   Today I put her in training panties and she hated them and had an accident.  My mom suggested letting her choose some panties that she likes so she chose out some Hello Kitty, big girl panties (from Claire's drawer) and has worn them all day without getting them dirty and she wants to keep them on.

(She even got up in middle of her Pooh movie to go)

She has also gone # 2 in the potty so that it good.  Now we just need to give her time to cement in the concept,  I suspect it will be a good 2 weeks before she is completely trained as that's what it took for Claire. She is doing so well at it so far. We are on our way!  Once you start there is no going back!

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