Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Poop - Location Matters

Potty Training complete!
Joy has exceeded my expectations in the potty training department.

I am starting to second guess the horror stories I have heard all my life about potty training children.  Maybe people just aren't doing it right?  Maybe I am just lucky?

I picked up some Hello Kitty panties for Joy and she LOVED them.  We made a big deal about not getting her new, big girl, kitty panties wet.  She went all day without an accident in them.  She is even able to get them off and on by herself!  (something Claire didn't master for months)

For the first few days, I put her to bed naked as sometimes she has a little trouble maneuvering the panties off and I didn't want her to have to worry/deal with that in the dark in middle of the night.  I put the potty in middle of the floor with a box of tissues.  Told her to go potty in the toilet - NOT the bed. (I put a plastic mattress cover on just in case - I was unsure whether she was peeing in her sleep or if she actually woke up during the process)   The next morning she was proud to show me her full little potty and dry bed.  Later on, she started wetting the bed sometimes so I got some pull-ups for her to wear at night time.  I am not very concerned about this - I know that it is because she drinks so much water and we try to limit it but this girl has a thirst like no other.

Earlier this week, I put her to bed and woke this morning to the lovely aroma of poop filling the room.  I crossed my fingers hoping that the poop (diarrhea) was in the toilet, not the bed or floor.  Sure enough!  It was in the toilet!  Did you know that your perception of the smell of poop is different depending on the poop's location? That morning, in that location, I have never been so happy to smell that smell.       

We have had to run a few errands here and there throughout the week.  We take the potty with us and Joy goes in it in the car before and after we go in the store.  She has used a regular toilet with me holding her on it and even made it through a 45 minutes puppet show without a problem. Unfortunately, you can't practice the going out part.  You just have to go for it - and pack a towel and extra shorts just in case.

I am sure we will have accidents here and there.  It can only be expected, but man, am I glad to get rid of those honkin, huge, size 3 diapers.  When you have a sweet, little newborn bottom to change, a toddler bottom becomes nauseating.

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