Monday, October 31, 2011

Round Two - Cloth Diapers

We had a very positive experience with cloth diapers when we used them for Claire but we felt that the diaper covers we used were lacking in a couple of areas.

With Claire we used Thirsties. They worked great as far as leaks go and ease of use but they did NOT last for more than one child, the velcro tabs became weak and would not hold well at all and the white trim around the legs drove me crazy as it was only white for the first week.

This time around my mom and I researched quite a few brands and styles, ordered a few, returned a few and finally decided that the Flip by Bum Genius was the one.
I was a lttle hesitant of the Flip because it does not have gussets but I have never had them leak out the leg yet. There are great colors to choose from and notice that the trim is the same color as the the rest of the cover.

The Flip is a one size fits all diaper so they are much more cost effective than most. They can be adjusted with the snaps to be short and let out as your baby grows.Another feature, that made them superior to the others I tried is the stretchy tab that snaps over the front. It just gives the diaper a little better fit. Snug and comfy.
I do not like the all-in-one diapers. I have tried them but I just hate the way they feel and I don't like pulling out the insert when it is all wet and gross so I knew I wanted just the diaper covers again.

So, when I need to change Joy's diaper, I just grab a cover and a pre-fold.

Stick it in like so,

and voila, good to go.
When it's time for a change again, (if it's just pee) I hold on to the cover and let the pre-fold fall into our diaper pail - which is nothing special, just a trash can with a lid lined with a trash bag. Then I give the inside of the cover a quick wipe with a wipey and the cover can be used until it gets wet or until number 2 happens. When it does, I just throw the whole thing in the diaper pail. No big deal.

About 2 times a week I run a diaper load. There's nothing quite like a rumply stack of cloth diapers warm from the dryer.However, it's only a matter of time before the diapers come out of the dryer looking like this.I just set them out in the sun. Usually, a day of sitting in the sunlight bleaches it right out. Sometimes, it doesn't get it all the way out - in which case washing it in a load with bleach will always do the trick and bring it back to looking new again.

The savings with cloth diapers are unbelievable. Sure, they are a little expensive upfront. (but thankfully for me my parents and my grandma bought them for me for Joy's baby gift)

I have 5 covers which cost $13.95 each and 3 dozen pre-folds at $18.00 per dozen.

That comes to $124.00 (shipping was free)

According to several online, baby cost calculators the average cost for disposable diapers is about $65 per month. Even if Joy is potty trained by 20 months like Claire was, that is $1300!

And now some pictures of my cloth diapered baby.
She likes them too. But she has no choice.

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  1. Wow! Those look nice! And what a savings. There is more work involved, but it feels so good to save money!