Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Diaper Days are Done!

Today, we are celebrating a whole week without diapers! That's right, Claire is 100% potty trained. We tested her abilities with naps, outings, public restrooms and parks and she has passed with flying colors! Accidents are few and far between and seem to only happen under unusual circumstances.

This what I get when I tell her to smile. It's getting better than it was...
For the past week (and weeks to come) Claire has been wearing these training panties. They are a little large but that is as small as they come.

The droopy diaper days are over!Bring on all of those cute summer shorts that just wouldn't fit over that cloth diaper.I bought her some real big girl panties the other day. They are for later since they are really too big. (2T) I saw these cute/classy ones and I wanted to get them right away because all I had seen up til then were character panties, such as the Disney princesses, Dora and other dumb cartoon ones. We still hold to our "no characters" policy. (Especially the ones mentioned above.)

Yay Claire! I'm so proud of you!

*I know our grass looks terrible. We just started watering it again, filled in some low spots and fertilized it last week.

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