Sunday, March 28, 2010

Stage #2

Stage #2: Panties

It's been an exciting few days of potty training. She has had 0 accidents - so long as she is naked.

Yesterday and today we tried adding panties to the mix and that has proven to be a speed bump on the road to diaper freedom.
We were given training panties that are 3T so they are very, very loose but I thought this would be good because she should be able to pull them down easily. Wrong. I must say, I never realized how technical pulling panties off was until I showed her how and watched her try to do it. She tried and tried but she only pulls down in the front so they get hung up on her bum. I tried then moving her hands to the back and getting her to push them down but then the front doesn't come down at the same time. We practiced a few times and I also told her to tell me when she had to go. (she does tell us when she is stuck in her high chair that she has to go PYE. We were very confused as to why she was saying 'bye' to us during dinner, but finally caught on.)Anyway, long story short, she thinks that if there is something on to catch it, she doesn't have to go on the potty. After a short trial period we went back to the naked method and I've been brainstorming on how to get her used to panties and how to teach her to take them off. So.... I made "break away panties" I just cut down the side seams and sewed on 3 tiny squares of velcro. Just enough to keep them on but still be easily removed. Let just say that the 3 pairs we have are now in the wash.
As soon as they are dry we are going to give it another go.

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  1. Very cute little girl and congrats on getting her potty trained