Thursday, March 25, 2010

Guess, Who's.....


We are successfully into our third day and Claire seems to be quite a pro already. I have been anxious to potty train her for a while because..

1) I am sick of changing her diapers and I would like a short break between her and the new baby.

2) The past three times we have been to church, Claire's diaper has overflowed during the one hour service and leaked through to her pants. This is gross, mostly because people want to hold her after service.

3) Her diaper inserts are getting worn out since I bleach them (and I know you are not supposed to do that but what can I say, I love bleach) and I have to throw one of two away now after every load.

Day 1.
On Tuesday, Claire was fully diapered and fully clothed and I let her watch Elmo while I did some laundry and cleaned. When Elmo was over, she got off the couch leaving a huge and VERY wet spot on the couch. "How could you possibly have that much pee!?" I said. So I took off her clothes and let her be naked for a while. I noticed she started to dance around and hold herself so I said "Let's try going on the potty." I got the little potty and brought it into the living room. She sat on it but nothing. She didn't go for what seemed like hours and finally I saw her go when she was playing with her toys. I scooped her up, holding my hand under her crotch (like we used to do when we were house breaking Harley) and sat her on the seat. She finished going on the potty and we made a huge celebration and she got a potty candy. (I set the candy above the toilet and she is very excited about them)

The rest of the day got messed up with outside work, youth coming over, and errands we had to run but we tried several times that evening and nothing. We even read books for over an hour while she sat on it and still nothing. It was almost bedtime but I was determined for her to go on the potty again so I let her run around again and as soon as she started to pee I did the same thing as earlier in the day. Hurray! Another big celebration and candy.

Day 2.
I had to work so my mom watched Claire and was prepared to do what we had done the day before. She tried to encourage Claire to go and sat her on the potty several times but nothing. Then, out of the blue, Claire was coloring at her easel when she hopped up, ran to the potty and went pee pee, all by herself. This happened 5 or 6 times that day and she even did that when she went poo. Amazing!

Day 3.
Today, I was hoping this would continue and sure enough, no accidents, no diapers. I don't even have to watch her, she just runs to her potty and sits herself down. (although, she didn't sit up on it enough today and we had a few dribbles down the front- but that's okay) I love the way she lets you know that she went so she can get her potty candy.

I am very pleased with how this is going so far but I realize this is just a very basic first step. She is pretty much only potty trained at home because she has only done this being naked. This weekend I plan on putting underwear on her and we'll see if she understand that she needs to take them off first. (and if she can without help) She needs to be able to tell us when she needs to go when we're out in public AND she needs to learn to use a big toilet for when we are not at home. So, although things are going better than I had hoped for, we still have a long way to go.

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